Motherhood was not designed to tame you!!

why you should pursue your dreams as a mom.

Have you been to Hell before? Well, I do not mean literally (haha). What I mean is, have you ever left your dreams to die

Fun couple questions
Life lessons learned blogging for one year

Are you a mom who has dreams for herself and wants more than being a mom? I get it because I want more too, motherhood

Things I wish I knew before becoming a mother

You cannot fully prepare for motherhood but, I think there is wisdom in being well informed before becoming a mom (not that I was)! I

Daddy Issues

Admitting that I had Daddy Issues was not the easiest thing to. Not having my Father in my life was hard. I have no memory

Healing the mother wound, 5 tips to get you started with self-care as a mom

I have just finished watching my video, the one that initiated this whole discussion about the mother wound. I was minding my own business and

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