Motherhood was not designed to tame you!!

The blessing of motherhood comes with a whole lot of responsibility, sometimes making it hard to slow down. I do not know about you mommy,
  “Self-care is how you get your power back” – Lalah Delia .I discovered journaling before I discovered self-care. I have always been a person to
We are getting close to closing off 2020 and you are sitting with your list of dreams and passions that you promised yourself that you
Misconceptions are so powerful. A big part of losing myself in motherhood came from misconceptions about it that I had learned, absorbed, and adopted as my
Have you ever had a bad day? One where sleep didn’t cut it? I have! It is so easy to continue with life as normal,
Have you ever felt like you had to choose between your dreams and your child(ren)? In my early stages of motherhood, I did believe that

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