4 Tips to create a daily self-care routine

tips to create a daily self-care routine

Most moms struggle to practice self-care regularly mainly because they juggle a lot of things. However, juggling a lot is one of the reasons why self-care should be non-negotiable for you as a mom. Becoming the best version of yourself allows you to put your best foot forward in all that you do as a mom and as a woman. Regular self-care practices help with that. I love self-care Sundays, but they don’t happen every week, the same way you don’t your nails or go to a spa every week. That is why a daily self-care routine is essential. If you have been asking yourself what can I do every day to provide myself with self-care, here are my tips to create a daily self-care routine mommy.

Define self-care for yourself

It is essential to define what self-care means to you and to know why it matters to you. This is a good foundation to begin creating your daily self-care routine. “Self” is the keyword in self-care, and this means it is about you, about caring for yourself, nurturing yourself, doing things that light you up and make you feel more like yourself. Moreover, self-care allows you to show up as a better mom, perform better, and serve better.

tips to create a daily self-care routine


Find out what fuels you.

Self-care is not one size fits all, you may not enjoy the same self-care activities as your mom friends and vice versa. Copying what they are doing when you don’t love it will make your self-care routine unsustainable. Ask yourself these questions to help find what you enjoy doing:

  • What do I love to do to recharge and re-energize
  • How do I rest and reset?
  • What self-care activities do I like?

Remember that there are seven types of self-care with different pillars of activities within each. Get more ideas here. 

Incorporate these things into your daily routine

It is so easy to believe that you need hours to practice self-care. I used to think this until I read the 5 am Club and discovered the 20/20/20 morning routine. Robin suggests starting your day with 20 minutes of movement, 20 minutes of reflecting deeply on your goals, and 20 minutes of learning where you read or listen to podcasts. Yes, all that in one hour! However, it doesn’t have to be an hour, nor does it have to be in the morning; it has to be whatever works for you. Answer these questions to help you:

  • Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  • How much time can I set aside for self-care in my chosen time of the day?
  • What activities am I adding to my self-care routine?
  • How much time am I allocating to each activity?

Tips to create a daily self-care routine

Here is my daily self-care routine:

To get started, I chose an hour. Then I decided to do it in the morning when my daughter and my husband were sleeping. It was a struggle at first but got better after changing my sleep time to an hour earlier. Robin also speaks about four interior empires of history makers: Health set, heart set, soul set, and mindset, and I use these for my routine.

  • Heart set – I journal (10 minutes) and reflect on my goals (10 minutes)
  • Soul set – I read the word of God and pray (20 minutes)
  • Mindset – I read a book or listen to a podcast (20 Minutes)
  • Health set – I have now exercise in the afternoon (45 minutes)

I practice my self-care routine five days a week on good weeks. On some weeks, two times, and on some, I get derailed, but I always come back to it.

tips to create a daily self-care routine

Evaluate and tweak as you go

It is your routine, and therefore you must make it yours. Do not be afraid to switch things up as often as you need to. You can:

  • Add on or remove activities from your routine
  • Change the order in which you do them
  • Change the time or the duration

It is alright if you encounter some hiccups along the way. Tweaking your routine will prevent you from feeling stuck in it. Moreover, our needs do change over time depending on our current season. The self-care activities that you love now may not seem like self-care tomorrow. Therefore review your daily self-care routine often and make changes as you need to.

Self-care is essential to parenting, motherhood, and life at large. In this post, I have shared tips to create a daily self-care routine. I’d love to know what self-care activities you love practicing regularly.

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