4 Tips to reignite your dreams

Reignite your dreams, pursue your dreams, the cost of not pursuing your dreams as a mom

Motherhood is such a beautiful blessing that comes with a lot of responsibilities. More often than not, motherhood brings a shift in our identity as women, which affects our dreams and careers. We feel guilty for wanting more, and we find that it almost always seems like our big dreams and our career aspirations are in competition with us becoming good and available mothers to our children. I would suggest that though it may seem like a competition, it is not! It is a call to re-envision your life, your dreams, and your goals. If you have set 2021 to be the year where you will be taking the necessary steps to pursue your dreams as a mom, here are 4 tips to reignite your dreams.

Pursue your dreams, reignite your dreams


Redefine your dreams

As we grow, we change, and our dreams evolve; even more so when we become mothers. Motherhood naturally initiates a process of self-discovery, and we, therefore, need to be intentional about actively engaging in the practice of knowing ourselves and what we want. This will help us determine what pursuing and achieving our dreams in and beyond motherhood looks like. It is important to look at what you want now.

Identify your obstacles

The only thing that is keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself ~

 Tony Robbins

There is a lot of clutter in our minds and hearts (self-limiting beliefs as an example) that keep us from living our dreams. These obstacles may include:

  • I do not have the time.
  • I will be a bad mom if I pursue my dreams
  • There is no way I can raise my kids and pursue my dreams

Obstacles keep you stagnant, especially when you are not aware of them. Identifying them can help you create an opportunity for improvement and problem-solving. You want to identify an obstacle and then reframe it to help you take a step forward.

Pursue your Dreams, reignite your dreams

Create a game plan

Once you know what you want and have identified your obstacles, you need to start with the end in mind and work in reverse to create a plan to achieve your goals. Take your goals and break them down into smaller goals, and list the habits that you need to adopt. Moreover, think of the help you will need to get to achieve your goals. Think of how your goals will affect your responsibilities as a mom and how you will work around that.


Implement your strategy, Mama. Your dreams will not work unless you do. Remember that this is your own race and that you should go at your own pace. Marie Forleo said, “Life does not demand perfection. It does not require you to be constantly fearless, confident, or self-assured. Life simply requires that you keep showing up”. So commit to showing up for yourself, over and over and over again!!

Pursuing your dreams as a mom is not easy but, it is doable. I encourage you to take a step towards the realization of your dreams, no matter how small. These are my 4 tips on how to reignite and pursue your dreams as a mom, do share yours and how you have been navigating motherhood and your dreams.


With Love



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