5 Reasons why you need to practice self-care

Reasons for self-care

Motherhood is such a beautiful blessing. I am learning to embrace all that comes with the motherhood journey. I have noticed that as a mother, it is so easy to move from one task to the next without slowing down. The long list of things that we have to complete daily makes it harder for us to practice self-care. The truth is that the more you do without slowing down, the more susceptible you are to burnout and the more urgent it becomes to practice self-care. However, preventing burnout is not all that self-care is good for; it can help you enhance your self-discovery journey and pursue your dreams as a mom. If you have been struggling to wrap your head around why you should prioritize self-care, here are five reasons why you need to practice self-care.

Reasons for self-care


So you can pursue and achieve your goals.

Prioritizing self-care and self-kindness is crucial to maintaining a mind and body capable of achieving your goals – Tony Robbins

It is so easy to look at taking time out to care for yourself as a distraction from pursuing your dreams and goals. However, self-care is essential to achieving your dream. Self-care is not a mechanism to condone laziness and hiding from the work that you have to do. It is one that promotes rest so that you can work and function in the fullness of your God-given gifts. 

Without looking after yourself, it will be impossible for you to achieve anything without a detrimental impact on your health. The bigger your dream and goals, the higher the risk of becoming overwhelmed, disengaged, or even sick while working hard to achieve them. 

Lisa Nichols said wellness is as essential to your dreams as the grind. Self-care is your responsibility to your future. As you are disciplined enough to give your dreams a chance, be disciplined enough to practice self-care because self-care allows your body to be the instrument to take you to the dream and beyond.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Reasons for self-care⠀⠀⠀

It allows you to serve better.

You are a gift to your children, your partner, your clients/ employer, and the human race at large. Self-care is how you become a good steward of the gift that you are. It is the foundation that you build for yourself to take care of others and service to the best of your ability. When you are not well, you are not able to wear any of your hats in service to others. Therefore, self-care is a responsibility!! Taking the time to fill your cup allows you to pour into someone’s cup.

It enables you to live life to the fullest.

Mindfulness is a form of self-care. It is being present at the moment, letting each moment that we experience sink in. Many times as moms we are in a rush and we fail to be present in the now. Prioritizing self-care, mindfulness, and stillness allows you to enjoy life and let the moments sink in. Mindfulness and self-care give us that opportunity to immerse ourselves in every moment. 

Reasons for self-care

To regain your strength.

Self-care is taking the time to do things that help you to recharge and refuel. This is so that you can have the strength physically, emotionally, and mentally to show up and do what needs to be done excellently. 

It increases self-knowledge

Self-care is about knowing yourself and what you need, knowing your limitations and boundaries. You need to know yourself well to recognize what you need. As you engage in self-care and figure out which self-care practices you enjoy, the better you know yourself.

Self-care is bigger. It is our responsibility to our future. These are my five reasons why you need to practice self-care as a mom. Do you believe that self-care is an essential part of motherhood?

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