About Me

Hello Mommy! 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

My name is Busisiwe Sholo but you can call me Busie. I am a wife and have been married to my life time boyfriend, Vuyisani for 4 years and together we have 1 daughter, Sibonginkosi (5) – whom I will refer to a lot as my girlfriend.

I am a purpose coach for Moms and founder of On purpose with Busie Sholo, a coaching  firm dedicated to helping mothers achieve their dreams beyond motherhood.

Motherhood is not easy and in our efforts of meeting the demands that come with it, we tend to settle and let our dreams take the back seat. “The Mom Identity Crisis” takes over and we find our lives revolving around the lives of the little humans we are blessed with.  This is why I have created this blog – to help modern moms find, love and care for themselves again, to achieve their dreams while being good mothers, to raise their children and not leave themselves behind.

I dream of a world where moms love Parenting and love Living their lives; where they Find themselves again after becoming mothers and one where they love and know how to practice Self-care. A world where moms have the courage to chase their dreams and understand that motherhood was NOT designed to tame them.

Here’s to redefining motherhood, to a journey of learning and unlearning and to parenting in our own terms. 

Here’s to starting a revolution!!

Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate you