Investing in your marriage is healthy for your children.

Investing in your marriage is healthy for your children

As a mom who is also a wife, I have almost always prioritized motherhood more than marriage. There were seasons where motherhood was insanely demanding and, it was easy to justify putting our daughter first. Afterward, it became our default state because we were unprepared for the demands of parenting and put our marriage on the back burner while we were trying to keep up. However, prioritizing your marriage does not mean that you neglect your kids and can’t even do anything outside your marriage. It means that you create ways to connect with your spouse daily and take time out together and invest in the health of your relationship. Here’s how investing in your marriage is healthy for your children.

When your marital needs are met, you have the emotional strength to meet the needs of your kids.

Parenting requires a lot of emotional strength. It is likely to be at its lowest if your relationship with your spouse is also taking a knock! Consequently, parenting becomes overwhelming over and above the strained/neglected marriage. However, when your relationship is thriving, it has a positive impact on your emotional health. As a result, parenting may become less overwhelming. You cannot fully show up for your kids if your relationship with your partner is in the pits.

Prioritize your marriages, investing in your marriage is healthy for your children

A healthy marriage is the foundation of a healthy family for your kids.

I do not remember all the gifts that I received when I was young but the atmosphere around our home, I do remember. Somedays, I wish I was not there because of how my seniors treated each other. Sometimes as a child, you feel like you do not belong and, you blame yourself. Kids need to witness a healthy marriage because it communicates to them that they are in a safe environment. Moreover, loving your spouse and investing in your marriage in front of your kids will show them that they are loved. I believe that as parents, it is our responsibility to create environments in our homes that will help our children to thrive.

You give your kids the blessing of an example of a healthy marriage.

It is true that how we are wired now as individuals is influenced by our upbringing. Your marriage is the main example that your kids have of marriage. You are setting the precedent of what kind of spouse(s) your children should be in the future just by how you handle your marriage and treat your spouse. 

Investing in your marriage is healthy for your children
You parent as a team when your marriage is healthy.

As individuals, you and your partner are likely to have different opinions on parenting and perhaps even have different parenting styles altogether. Investing in your marriage, especially in the area of communication allows you to be on the same page when it comes to parenting your children as a team. It is essential to be in unity in all you do as married parents.

I went into marriage believing that marriage and parenting are bound to compete with one other. I had thought that investing in my marriage and taking time with my husband away from our daughter was selfish. However, I now know better. Kids do benefit from a healthy marriage and healthy home environment. These are my reasons why investing in your marriage is healthy for your children. Do you think prioritizing your marriage is good for your kids?


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  1. Thank you for taking time to write this. We constantly need a reminder as parents to intentionally spend time / and reconnect with our spouses. I concur with you that this is good for our kids as well🌸❤️

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