Life Lessons learned blogging for one year

Life lessons learned blogging for one year

Are you a mom who has dreams for herself and wants more than being a mom? I get it because I want more too, motherhood and marriage are big blessings to me but so is the ability to pursue my dreams. My biggest belief is that motherhood was not designed to tame you! I am so excited to celebrate this milestone with you and thank you for following my Journey. Here are the life lessons I learned blogging for one year.

In this video I share more on the following lessons:

  • Staying in pursuit of your dreams can make you a better woman, wife, and mom
  • Overnight success does not exist as far as I am concerned.
  • Pursuing your dreams as a mom and a wife can get messy but it is worth it
  • You have to trust the process, you will not get anything done if you are waiting for a perfect moment.



It was Karen Lamb who said “A year from now, you will wish you had started today” and I hope that you start that one thing that you have been pushing to the far end. You are gifted, never forget that. It can be easy to envy people who are pursuing their dreams while neglecting your own. However, I want to challenge you to believe in your own magic mama.

If you are pursuing your dreams already, please share how you are navigating that as a mother.

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