Podcasts you should be listening too to elevate your life

Podcasts to elevate your life

We are in the last quarter of 2020, whew!! (Yes, I am exhaling in relief) and if you are anything like me, you are exhausted and want to rest nonetheless; we have to finish strong. We cannot run away from the mental energy it takes to finish strong and to stay inspired in the process. That is why on this blog post, I am sharing 5 of my favourite podcasts. Podcasts to elevate your life.

Podcasts to elevate your life

Mom Empowered Podcast

In her podcast, Jessie Ereddia helps moms to create the lives they have always wanted. She is a mom coach, a wife, and a mom herself. I love her passion for helping moms live beyond motherhood; her soothing and calming voice is a cherry on top.

The Call to Mastery Podcast

I found this one recently through a bible plan that I was reading in my youversion bible app. In his podcast, Jordan Raynor advocates for excellence. He believes that all types of work can and should be done excellently for the glory of the Lord and the good of others; contrary to popular belief that only the work done in and for the church can glorify God. His passion for excellence and Jesus is evident in his work.

Podcasts to elevate your life

She Brigade Podcast

Peontle sits down with trailblazing women from different walks of life to chat about their lives and career journeys. I could tell that she is passionate about her show from the first podcast that I listened too. Her work ethic is impeccable.

Limitless Life Podcast

If you are in business or would like to start a business that this one’s for you. In this podcast, Melyssa Griffin teaches what she has learned; that what blocks business success is not a lack of a marketing strategy or a business tactic but it is our mindset. I love that she sometimes brings clients from her coaching program to share their stories.

Working Women’s Wealth

I do not understand most financial talk. Lisa Linfield talks simply about building wealth, in a way that normal people can understand (as she puts it). She is passionate about helping women break free from the thinking that keeps them stuck to attain financial freedom.

These are some of the podcasts to elevate your life that I listen to, for self-growth during my self-care time (which is mostly while I do my chores). What podcasts are you listening too at the moment?

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