Why you should pursue your dreams as a mom.

why you should pursue your dreams as a mom.

Have you been to Hell before? Well, I do not mean literally (haha). What I mean is, have you ever left your dreams to die because it seemed like your dreams were in competition with motherhood? If you have, you know that the thought of falling behind your own plans feels like hell. Now is the time to change that mindset. You CAN mother intentionally and pursue your dreams boldly. Here is my version of the truth behind why you should pursue your dreams as a mom.


You are created for a purpose

What an incredibly gifted woman you are! The truth is that motherhood doesn’t invalidate you, your dreams; your gifts, or your talents. You are created to serve humanity with your gifts, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do that because you are a mom.


Your kids are watching

The very first example your children have of motherhood is you. I am sure that you have noticed at least once your children mimicking something that you did or said. It is no lie that how they parent will be linked to how you parent. Encouraging them to pursue their dreams is not enough, you must show them that it can be done. 

“Kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do” ~ Jennifer Lopez


It helps you to find a sense of self in motherhood

A sense of self according to healthline.com refers to your perception of the collection of characteristics that define you.  It is so easy to lose yourself in the guise of motherhood and pursuing your dreams can help you with preserving a sense of self. You feel fulfilled when you pursue your dreams, when you do something for yourself!


why you should pursue your dreams as a mom.

Parenting Ends

It might take several years but it does end. By that I mean that there will be a time when you would have raised kids big enough to stand on their own two feet. How will your life look when that time comes? Will you have something to do when your kids are out of the house? Are you going to be happy then with the decision of pursuing your dreams now or of putting your dreams on hold now when you become an empty nester?  Take your answer to that and act accordingly. 


It can help you to provide for your family

Gone are those days when you couldn’t earn a living doing what you love. Pursuing your dreams gives you the potential to earn a living from it. Yes, it might take a while but start somewhere, start with what you have and most importantly that now!

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These are my five truths behind why you should pursue your dreams as a mom. Why do you think Moms should pursue their dreams?

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